created by hunters

For hunters


We are brothers and 4th generation hunters from Central Pennsylvania.

As hunters, we’ve always been drawn to the primitive experience of scouting large tracts of land, identifying game-rich trails, and allowing fresh sign to determine the location for our next hunt. The terrain, trees, and food sources make each spot completely different than the last.

It was these location-specific differences that led us to explore custom scent control. We began camouflaging our scent utilizing native elements found exactly where we were hunting that day. These all-natural cover scents were familiar and non-threatening to the deer in the area unlike the chemically-replicated scents found on the shelf.

We needed a product to help extract fragrances from plant material quickly and easily. It took us a year of destroying blenders and clogging spray heads to develop our first Scent Blender prototype.

Today, our commercial grade rechargeable blender is powerful enough to decimate all types of plant material while our patent pending filtration system easily extracts liquids from the resulting blend.

Scent Blender allows hunters to apply their knowledge of the land to create custom cover scents for each hunt. Fostering this primitive connection to the land helps cultivate a lifelong passion for the outdoors.

We are excited to share Scent Blender with our family’s 5th generation of hunters as well as hunters everywhere.